Speakers & Topics 2020

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Keynote Isaura Sanwirjatmo Polina Medvedeva


Isaura Sanwirjatmo is a documentary maker living in Rotterdam who graduated from the Sandberg Institute. Among her previous works is the documentary Soso Lobi (Nothing but love), in which the relationships between Dutch female interns and Surinamese men touch on the complex colonial history between Suriname and the Netherlands. In her projects Sanwirjatmo experiments with the boundaries and tension between non-fiction and fiction. Her works have been broadcast on NPO 2Doc, AD, The Common Affairs and exhibited in CBK Amsterdam, Vereniging Ons Suriname and Lloyd Hotel.

Polina Medvedeva is a Russian-Dutch filmmaker and resident artist at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. Her work explores the notion of informality, with an emphasis on informal economies and non-conformist communal structures, the principles of which influence the aesthetics of her videos. Medvedeva's works have been exhibited in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam; Sonic Acts Festival, Amsterdam; WIELS Contemporary Art Center, Brussels; Al-Ma'mal Foundation for Contemporary Art, Jerusalem; Inversia Festival, Murmansk; Rotterdam City Theater; Art Brussels; CBK Groningen; De Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem and screened during IDFA Docs for Sale and on VPRO, among others. She was a guest lecturer at the public school for architecture Brussels, Sandberg Institute Amsterdam, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, ArtEZ Zwolle, and is a teacher at the Utrecht School of the Arts.

Project description:
#VerlorenJongensZullenWinnen is a transmedia documentary event that will premiere on September 26 during the Netherlands Film Festival. It is a film, an installation and a live performance all in one that explores new media as a tool for social change. The interactive documentary film by directors Isaura Sanwirjatmo and Polina Medvedeva, selected with a Golden Calf, opens festively on September 26 at BAK, Basis voor Actuele Kunst in Utrecht.

Gülschen Artun

Gülschen Artun is an arthouse smartphone filmmaker. When travelling for work all over the world she uses her smartphone to capture images with a strong visual impact. She combines them with her inner voice: observations on relationships, love and mental issues in daily life.

She graduated the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and is today a renowned teacher of modern spirituality. She hosted during Covid 19 lockdown her weekly ‘Wondertalks’ live on YouTube.

For this years edition of the MOJO Conference Gülschen is responsible for the livestreams with New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Russia.

Watch the smartphone movie made by Gülschen Artun.

Cesar Majorana

Host Mojo Conference

Cesar can be seen every week as a presenter of youth program “Club Hub” (BNNVARA) and presents at the VPRO film programs such as “Onze man in Cannes”, where he reports on the prestigious Cannes film festival. Or closer to home, the “Dutch Design Week” and “The Dutch Film Festival” where he talks to (young) makers about their work. He also directed the documentary “Stacey” about beatmaker Esko.

With the Instagram account Why Vloggers Janken (23K followers), Cesar won the “Best Social Media Award” for Best Instagrammer. In 2020 he presented VuilnisTV for VPRO / Zapp and is a jury member of the Dutch Film Festival.



Hein-Jan Keijzer (41) studied Film and Television Sciences, and History, and did the Master's degree in Journalism at the University of Amsterdam. He then worked as an investigative journalist for RTL Nieuws for three years, after which he switched to VARA. At this public broadcaster, he did R&D for new journalistic radio and television programmes.

Between 2016 and 2020 he lived in New York, where he was General Manager of TNC New York, the Dutch cultural institute in the Big Apple. In 2020 he came back to The Netherlands and became a Commissioning Editor at BNNVARA. In this position, he was editor-in-chief of Frontberichten this spring. A programma that reported on the first Corona outbreak in the Netherlands in a unique way by means of vlogs from aid and healthcare workers. This programma got nominated for the 'Nipkow Schijf' and the 'Televisier Ring'.

Blue Moon


Mark Hadlow and Jed Brophy stand-off in this trickily plotted thriller about a service station owner who rashly appropriates a stash of stolen drug money.

This twisty real-time thriller from Stefen Harris (The Waimate Conspiracy, NZIFF06) was nimbly staged and shot on an iPhone entirely within and around a Motueka petrol station in the wee small hours of the morning.

Shoot a Movie on Your Smartphone

The MOJO Conference - Johan Dijkstra

Johan Dijkstra

My passion for photography was born when I held my mothers high8 video camera for the first time. When I was 13 years old, during a family vacation I imagined myself as a real cameraman and created my first un-editable shorts. After high school I went to the photographers academy: Fotonica, followed by the television academy in the Dutch media capital of Hilversum. In those days I made my first acquaintance with visual content and the art of communication through images. I achieved my first television experience as an intern at the most famous local broadcast station in the Netherlands; AT5. In Amsterdam I learned how to combine creativity and professionalism and learned how to handle professional equipment. After one year I started my national career as a junior cameraman at United Broadcast Facilities. As an employee I mostly worked for public and commercial news stations
and set my first steps in the world of infotainment programming. I quickly learned that my future wasn’t in the hard news or rapid television sector. I started to work for the smaller but more exclusive Hoens Broadcast Facilities. Over there I realized that my true passion was to be found in creating beautiful images, pieces of photographical art that are telling the story behind the content. The introduction of digital 35mm camera’s changed my point of view. I quickly became a ‘photographer’ instead of an ‘operator’, I started searching for new, creative and inspiring ways of storytelling trough my lens. Painting with light and using the camera to impress, open eyes and entertain the audience in a innovative and emotional way. Creating a imaginary world or visualize and capture a real situation as sensitive, ethical and realistically as possible..

Mathias Sourbron Mojo Conference

Keynote Mathias Sourbron


Point of U is a new Antwerp film festival with one goal in mind: Bringing young - rookie & pro - filmmakers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, TikTokkers, vloggers and online video content freaks together to experiment and brainstorm about the future of cinema. Video content is no longer only made in Hollywood with expensive gear by large production houses. But also just by you with your smartphone at home in your room or with your friends in the city. The kick off of Point of U happened through a competition with Samsung, in which Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah were the curators. Twenty young content creators were immersed in the world of smartphone videography. Or also: young people, supported by a series of workshops, make a (short) film with a smartphone. The final winner was chosen by a jury including the well-known director duo Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. More than 350 interested young people registered and 20 young people were sent During Point of U in De Studio for three days you can go for Talks, DIY Workshops, & Screenings on a big screen! Meet likeminded creatives & Just do your thing! Mathias Sourbron, organizer of the festival and works for Hakuna Academy, among others.

Keynote Mike Warmels


BIO MIKE 2020 - smartphone

Mike Warmels is an experienced filmmaker and has been working for various Dutch public broadcasters and independent production houses. Specialized in documentaries, human interestscience and children’s programming he knows how to turn compicated topics into accessible films for a large or a young audience. The key: telling a good STORY.

Film making can be done with expensive film crews, but also with a smartphone. The technology is in everyone’s back pocket and can be mastered by everyone.

But… to tell a good story takes hard work: searching, researching, structuring… and then you have to tell that story WELL! That’s what film making is all about. It may be the hardest part of making a film. So… what is it exactly, a “story”?

The MOJO Conference - BCC


Jump aboard with Robbie Cumming as he embarks on a 300-mile journey across the Midlands and northern England in his narrowboat. BBC documentary series Canal Boat Diaries was shot entirely (apart from a few drone and GoPro shots) using an iPhone X. It’s a 5 part series produced by Stuart Woodman for BBC Four.

The show features British YouTuber Robbie Cumming, who is “determined to cruise every mile of our inland waterways and document life on board his narrowboat.” Robbie is also a very inspiring creative.

Check this one about HOW TO VLOG

Oleg Androsov

Oleg Androsov, is a Russian director, screenwriter, producer. ‘In addition to directing, I teach children smartphonefilmmaking. How to use different angles, stabilizatio and the meaning or impact of the mto the viewer. I give children the opportunity to make films based on them in order to practice the theory.’ Oleg Androsov is also is the founder of the filmstudio and film school LISART. He is a member of the Russian Writers Union and member of the jury at the Toronto International film festival. Some of his awards as a director: Winner of the Best Director award, at the BeBop Content Festival in New York. And winner of the Directors of the XXI Century award at the Russian festival of visual arts.